Linux equivalents to MS Windows and other proprietary software

In this section we a list few alternatives to proprietary software. You can follow the procedure described on the Linux Customization page to install any of the packages below.

Software NameLinux AlternativePackage NameDescription
3D Home Architect Sweet Home 3D sweethome3d Interior 2D design application with 3D preview
3D Studio Max Blender blender Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer
ACDSee Gwenview gwenview Photography and image viewer
Adobe Acrobat Reader Okular okular Universal document viewer
Adobe Audition Audacity audacity

Fast, cross-platform audio editor

Adobe Lightroom darktable darktable Virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
Adobe Photoshop GIMP gimp

The GNU Image Manipulation Program

iView MediaPro Shotwell shotwell Digital photo organizer
Microsoft Excel Libre Office Calc libreoffice-calc

Office productivity suite - spreadsheet

Microsoft Office Libre Office libreoffice Office productivity suite
Microsoft Outlook Evolution evolution

Groupware suite with mail client and organizer

Microsoft Powerpoint Libre Office Impress libreoffice-impress Office productivity suite - presentation
Microsoft Project Planner planer

Project management application

Microsoft Visio Dia dia Diagram editor
Microsoft Word Libre Office Writer libreoffice-writer

Office productivity suite - word processor

Notepad Kwrite kwrite Simple graphical text editor
uTorrent Ktorrent ktorrent

BitTorrent client

Winamp Amarok amarok Easy to use audio player
Windows Media Player VLC vlc

Multimedia player and streamer

Last Update 20 August 2013


As you can see, GNU/Linux is an  operating system with a modern Graphical User Interface design. Whether you use your computer for work or purely for entertainment, you will find out that your desktop can be organized respectively. Possibilities of Linux are limitless. See the sideshow below to get an impression of Debian Linux's variety and easiness of use.

Software Installation FAQ

Q: How do I install software on a Linux system?

A: There, are many ways how to install software on the Linux operating system. The easiest way is to use Graphical User Interface software management tool such as the one described in the "Customize" section of

Q: Can I run software which I have downloaded for MS Windows desktop?
A: Normally, you cannot run an application made for MS Windows on the Linux platform. However, many MS Windows applications can be run on Linux by using a 3rd party software such as WineHQ.

Q: Why some of the packages I have downloaded from the Web have the extension .deb. and others .rpm ?
A: All Linux distributions have one of the following two package management systems: RedHat Package Management (RPM) and Debian Package Management (DEB). In order to install a given package you need to know the package management your system is using and then download the corresponding package.